The Mississippi Bar Officers:

William Watkins, President, 1939

George R. Fair, President, 2010-11

Peyton D. Prospere, Board of Commissioners, 1986-89

The Mississippi Bar Section Chairs:

Clifford B. Ammons, Workers' Compensation and Administrative Law, 1990-91

Paul L. Gunn, Real Estate, 2006-07

Frank J. "Jeff" Hammond III, Estates and Trusts, 1988-89

Jamie G. Houston III, Estates and Trusts, 1999-00

Kenneth E. Milam, Alternative Dispute Resolution

William C. Smith, Jr., Real Estate, 1992-93

Michael W. Ulmer, General Practice, 1988-90

Young Lawyers Division

Senator Thad Cochran, Junior Bar President

Corey D. Hinshaw, ABA YLD Board of Directors, 2009-present

Joseph D. Nosef III, Young Lawyers Division, Director

Peyton D. Prospere, Secretary, 1987-88

Mississippi Outstanding Young Lawyers

Corey D. Hinshaw, 2010

M.  Binford Williams, Jr., 1995

Mississippi Bar Foundation Fellows

Clifford B. Ammons

William H. Cox, Jr.

Thomas R. Crews

George R. Fair

William F. Goodman, Jr.

Michael O. Gwin

C. Joyce Hall

P.N. "Nick" Harkins

Corey D. Hinshaw

Jamie G. Houston III

Walter T. Johnson

Kenny F. Milam

Mildred M. Morris

Steven D. Orlansky

Kathy K. Smith

Susan L. Steffey

Paul H. Stephenson III

Michael W. Ulmer

Jimmy B. Wilkins