Watkins & Eager has been involved in significant mass tort litigation for over 35 years, representing numerous clients in asbestos, silica, dioxin, pollution, welding, tobacco, pharmaceutical, plant and pipeline explosions, and tire cases in Mississippi and around the country.  Because Mississippi has no state class action rule, Watkins & Eager has successfully worked to defeat de facto classes.  Our lawyers have also been intimately involved in numerous MDL cases, serving as lead trial counsel, co-counsel, and local counsel and providing services including witness preparation, expert witness selection and preparation, and document and exhibit management.  The allegations in these cases cover a wide spectrum of injuries including respiratory issues, cancer, neurological disorders, muscular disorders, blood disorders, strokes, liver failure, addiction, cardiac issues, and many others.

We recognize the effect that mass torts have on our clients’ business.  We are at the forefront of defense efforts, and have developed significant expertise in managing large volumes of cases from discovery through trial in an efficient, non-duplicative, cost-effective manner.  Our collaborative framework of paralegals, nurses, attorneys, and office staff is tailored to the effective administration of individual and mass tort cases.  This approach and our rate structure often mean we can provide services and expertise comparable to regional and national firms at a lower cost to clients.

Since 2010, Watkins & Eager lawyers have tried a dozen mass tort/product liability cases in Alabama state and federal courts, Arkansas state courts, Ohio federal courts, and Mississippi state and federal courts.  We have extensive experience in retaining and developing trial witnesses, including corporate representatives, a wide variety of medical experts, industrial hygienists, toxicologists, accident specialists, and warnings experts, among others.  We also have significant experience with mock trials, data management systems, and trial graphics production.

Watkins & Eager has served as national and regional trial and coordinating counsel on a variety of matters.  Our lawyers pride themselves on working cooperatively with in-house counsel and other firms selected as co-counsel.

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