Watkins & Eager defends both individuals and corporations facing state and federal allegations of criminal and professional misconduct.  We begin our representation alongside the government, conducting our own comprehensive investigations, utilizing former federal agents, forensic accountants, and other subject matter experts. Our white collar defense lawyers understand the urgent necessity of securing witness statements and evidence to ensure they remain unaffected by the rigors of a criminal investigation. If a client is charged, we meticulously assess and sometimes challenge the indictment, investigate the government’s grand jury practice, and scrutinize the underlying government investigation. Prosecutors and government agents understand that convictions must be hard earned when their targets are represented by Watkins & Eager.

Led by experienced litigators, including a former federal prosecutor, Watkins & Eager combines decades of strength and experience to provide a comprehensive, effective response to complex state and federal investigations and actions of all types.  Our white collar team has extensive investigatory and criminal defense experience, including trial experience in state and federal courts in multiple jurisdictions. Our lawyers are well-versed in the components of the life cycle of a criminal case, including investigations, grand jury practice, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment law, criminal trial practice, sentencing, asset forfeiture, and restitution law.

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