Our lawyers serve as counsel for the probate of wills and the administration of estates and trusts. We also provide legal services in connection with conservatorships and guardianships, regularly representing clients before chancellors in probate, estate administration, guardianship establishment/administration, and conservatorship establishment/administration. We advise trustees, executors, and beneficiaries on matters such as the interpretation of documents, tax issues such as gift and estate tax returns, and disagreements between beneficiaries and fiduciaries. We also assist clients with post-death administration of living trusts. Our experience includes counseling and guiding executors and fiduciaries through the process of valuation of estate assets, preparation of estate tax returns and fiduciary income tax returns, distribution of estate assets to estate beneficiaries, and post-mortem tax planning to facilitate the transfer of wealth from one generation to another. Upon completion of the administration of an estate or a trust, we work with the fiduciaries to settle the account and to have them released from liability.

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