Manning McPhillips serves as a Government Affairs Advisor for Watkins & Eager, supporting clients with their needs at the federal, state, and local levels.  In addition, Manning helps companies increase their operations and employment by pursuing economic development incentives from state and local governments.

Prior to joining the firm, Manning served in several leadership positions at the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), the state’s lead economic and community development organization.  Through his roles at MDA, Manning worked closely with Governor Phil Bryant and his team, statewide elected leaders, agency heads, state legislators, the Congressional delegation, local officials, and industries around the world to encourage economic growth and support community development. 

Manning has worked successfully with the Mississippi State Legislature to pass economic incentive and tax legislation, obtain funding through the state bond bill, secure pro-growth energy policies, develop innovative funding for workforce training, and other priorities. 

At the federal level, Manning works with companies and communities to support their needs on infrastructure, economic development, federal funding, and environmental issues.  During his tenure with the State, Manning worked extensively in the defense and aerospace sectors as well.

Prior to joining MDA, Manning worked in the consulting field in Washington, DC where he was engaged in tele­communications, tax, and small business policy matters.  In addition, he has a background coordinating operations at national political conventions and in political campaigns at the national and state level.

*(Non-attorney professional)


Bachelor's Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Mississippi, magna cum laude, 2002.